The Poker Game by Tom Wallace


The Poker Game Ebook Cover

The Poker Game is the newest in the best selling Jack Dantzler mystery series from Tom Wallace. Set in Lexington, Kentucky, Dantzler clears more murder cases than any other detective, but in The Poker Game he faces his toughest challenge yet.

About The Poker Game:

Judge Leonard Kurtz presides over a Saturday-night poker game fifty weeks each year. But this is no ordinary game—it begins at precisely seven p.m. and lasts exactly twelve hours, and to sit at the table, each of the six players must have ten-thousand dollars in cash. But then, on a warm summer night, five players are brutally murdered, victims of a single gunshot wound to the head. Veteran homicide detective Jack Dantzler is faced with the task of finding the person—or persons—responsible for the crime. His initial questions are, which of the victims was the primary target, and what is the name of the missing player? Was that player lucky, or could he be the killer? As Dantzler begins to peel away the many layers of this baffling case, the answers he finds are not what he expected. They put him on several different paths, including one that will bring him face to face with the only murderer he has failed to catch.

The Poker Game proves once again why critics have consistently praised Tom Wallace for his ability to “make his characters come alive,” while adding that he has done “a great job of creating a world-class detective in Dantzler.” Simply put: The Poker Game belongs on your must-read list.

About Tom Wallace:

Tom Wallace is the award-winning author of five mysteries featuring Lexington, Kentucky Detective Jack Dantzler—The Fire of Heaven, The ListGnosisThe Devil’s Racket and What Matters Blood. He also wrote the thriller,Heirs of Cain.

In 2010, Tom’s novel, Gnosis, won the prestigious Claymore Award at the Killer Nashville Writers’ Conference.Gnosis would go on to become one of the most downloaded e-books on Amazon in 2013. In 2007, The Devil’s Racket also took home a top prize, captureing the Mystery Novel Award.


A graduate of Western Kentucky University’s outstanding Journalism Department, Tom spent many years as a

From 1986 until 1993, Tom worked for the legendary broadcaster, Cawood Ledford, serving as editor for  successful sportswriter in his native Kentucky. From 1983-86, he served as sports editor for the Gleaner in Henderson, where he twice was honored by the Kentucky Press Association for writing the best sports story in the state.

Cawood on Kentucky, a weekly publication covering UK basketball and football. During that time, Tom also wrote many of Cawood’s TV and radio commentaries. He also helped put together and write Cawood’s Comments.

As a free-lance writer, Tom has authored five sports-related books, among them the highly popular Kentucky Basketball Encyclopedia, an in-depth history of the University of Kentucky’s legendary hoops program. He has also written books with former Wildcats Travis Ford and Jeff Sheppard. In addition to those books, Tom and the late John McGill wrote Embracing the Legend with former UCLA coach Jim Harrick.


Tom, a Vietnam vet, lives in Lexington and is an active member of Mystery Writers of America and the Author’s Guild.

Book Launch Party for Revenge by Tony Acree


Revenge ebook small

Hydra owner and author, Tony Acree, will be signing the newest Victor McCain thriller, Revenge, today at Karen’s Book Barn in La Grange from 12-7 p.m. with a dinner to follow at Big R and Shannon’s BBQ, also in La Grange. He will also have other Hydra titles with him, including Dearly Beloved, the final book in the Grave Reminders series by Rachael Rawllings and Boneyard Beach, the tenth Folly Beach Mystery by Bill Noel.

New Books


We have three new books for your holiday shopping pleasure which run the gamut of a genre press: YA paranormal romance, mystery and paranormal crime noire.

Amazon Cover

First is Dearly Beloved, the final installment of the Grave Reminders series by Rachael Rawlings.

She walks in her dreams…
Savannah finds herself at the site where her brother lost his life, but she knows it cannot be real. Neither is the man who stops to help her on the roadside. Until she meets the man in the light of day and realizes he is no fictional character, conjured from her imagination.

Dreams are not always what they seem…

This realization leads her to revisit the place of her brothers’ accident; where one twin was left for dead and the other a changed man. After a confrontation with the latter, she realizes that there is more to the mystery of her dreams than she ever imagined. As the two chase down an ancient religious artifact and the rumors surrounding it, one figure in the night wishes to stop and silence them forever.

Silent as the grave.

Cover BONEYARD BEACH with copy layers

Boneyard Beach is the latest in the Folly Beach mystery series by best selling author, Bill Noel.

A knock on Chris Landrum’s retirement cottage door proves that he doesn’t have to leave home to find trouble. His friend, Mel Evans, a marsh tour-boat captain, arrives to tell Chris that there might be a little problem. Chris is shocked to hear that the little problem is that his friend is accused of murdering a college student. Before he has enough time for that to sink in, Chris learns that another friend Larry’s shady past is threatened to be exposed by a con artist and former partner-in-crime who has moved to their South Carolina beach community. Chris and his best friend Charles, a self-appointed private detective, join a senior citizen’s walking group to learn more about Larry’s nemesis, but instead of the health benefits of walking and the comradery of a group of friends, he and Charles come face-to face with deception, intrigue, and murder. Mel’s in jail, Larry is moments away from being arrested, and Chris escapes death by inches and must find not one, but two murderers, before they can kill again.In a new Folly Beach mystery, Chris and his cadre of quirky pals, once again risk their lives for their friends, and to prevent more deaths, including their own.

Revenge ebook small

Revenge is the latest novel in the best selling Victor McCain series by Tony Acree.

Victor McCain, God’s bounty hunter, knows how to hunt down the world’s most evil beings and remove them. Permanently. In Revenge, the thrilling follow up to The Speaker, Victor learns what it’s like to be the one targeted for death.

With a $10,000,000 bounty on his head, assassins are finding their way to Louisville to try and collect on the contract of a lifetime, including Black Ice, the world’s top killer. But he is not alone.

An old foe has returned from the dead to seek revenge on Victor by destroying those he holds dear, including a new love. To save her and the others close to him, he must avoid the assassin’s bullet and the efforts of an angry cop intent on putting Victor away for life and unravel a trail of kidnapping, torture and murder.

Authors Combat Academy Registration and Discount



Hydra Publications owner and publisher attended last years Authors Combat Academy and loved it. Now, through a partnership between Hydra and ACA, if you use the Hydra promotional code, you can attend at a discounted rate. Here’s the information.

Fight Scenes can make or break a book, and researching them can be tough.

At AUTHORS COMBAT ACADEMY, you’ll learn to write amazing, accurate, and memorable fight scenes AND save $25 off your registration when you enroll in September!
Learn more and sign up at

Use Promo code: G40WH6 for your savings!

Ever been in a prison riot? Experienced combat as a Navy SEAL? When was the last time you got punched in the face? The good news is: you don’t have to actually do any of these to write them well. Authors Combat Academy will open up the world of fighting like never before. See fighting techniques from medieval to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Learn what happens from the first punch to the last man standing to the ER. Get tips on pacing, wording, and accuracy from our NYT Bestsellers.

Write it Right with Authors Combat Academy!
APRIL 8-10, 2016
The Inn at Opryland
Nashville, TN

Lynn Tincher Signs With Hydra Publications


Lynn Tincher

Hydra Publications is excited to announce the addition of talented thriller author Lynn Tincher. She is moving her Mind Bending series to Hydra and we look forward to future books in the series. Here is a press release announcing the signing.


September 16, 2015, Prospect, KY – Author Lynn Tincher announced today she has signed with Louisville, Kentucky based publishing house, Hydra Publications.  Tincher has previously released four books in her mind-bending series, including the latest August 15, 2015 release of Where There is Light.

Owner/Publisher Tony Acree states, “Hydra Publications is thrilled to have the incredibly talented Lynn Tincher join the Hydra family.”

Tincher first introduced Louisville, Kentucky based Detective Paige Aldridge and her ability to read minds in Afterthoughts, released in 2008.  The mysterious drama continues in the second and third books, Left in the Dark, and Buried Deep and most recently Where There is Light.

“I am thrilled to join Hydra Publications,” states Tincher. “Growing my business in the Louisville area is important to me.  I’ve known Tony for a long time, it feels like family.”

Tincher’s book that started it all, Afterthoughts has been optioned for film and is currently in pre-production. For more information on the entire Mind Bending Series, author, Lynn Tincher, and the upcoming Afterthoughts film, please visit

About Lynn Tincher

Author, Public Speaker, Screen Writer, and Executive Producer, Lynn Tincher was born just outside of Louisville, Kentucky in the beautiful city of La Grange. She studied Theater Arts at Eastern Kentucky University and had several articles published in local magazines and online. Inspired by Nora Roberts, JK Rowling, and Greg Isles, Lynn wrote Afterthoughts, the first book in the Mind Bending Series, a fictional psychological crime series that follows the life of a young Louisville Police Detective named Paige Aldridge.  Blackwyrm Fiction picked up Afterthoughts for publication in 2008. Since then, Lynn released the second and third books, Left in the Dark, and Buried Deep. Lynn’s fourth book, Where There is Light released in August, 2015.  Afterthoughts was optioned for movie production by Kilted Pictures and Dancing Forward Productions in Los Angeles. It is currently in pre-production with plans to shoot in Louisville, Kentucky.

Between Writing Afterthoughts and Left in the Dark, Lynn was diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome, a rare and fatal genetic heart disease. She is determined to help spread the word about Brugada Syndrome and hopes to help others who are dealing with it or other heart diseases. Lynn was the 2014 Red Cap Ambassador for the American Heart Association Heart Walk where she was the guest speaker at several events, as well as a runway model alongside her mother for the Go Red for Women luncheon.  Lynn is actively involved in the Louisville Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women, Greater Louisville Inc., The Louisville Film Society, the American Heart Association, and was a Champion Member of the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce. She currently lives with her family and three dogs outside Louisville.

Media Contact

Marla White/White Handed PR

Imaginarium 2015



Hydra Publications is a proud sponsor of Imaginarium, one of the largest writers’ conferences in the Midwest. The event runs from September 11th through the 13th. Hydra’s own Tony Acree will be Toastmaster.

There are panels on any kind of writing imaginable. Most writing conferences with amount of content will run you hundreds of dollars. Imaginarium is only $65 for the entire weekend. You can find a list of the available panels here.

In addition to the panels there will be a book fair which you can attend for FREE. Hundreds of authors will have their books on sale at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

There is even a masquerade ball Saturday night. Come and get your costume on.

Today Imaginarium creator Stephen Zimmer posted an open letter to writers in the area.

I wanted to write an open message to the group here with Imaginarium just two days away in Louisville, to say a few things about what this event is and ask for all of our Kentuckiana Authors to help make it what it definitely can become. There are enough Kentuckiana authors in this group alone to make this weekend a very big step forward.

Imaginarium is a unique convention. It is one where creative writing is the centerpiece, not something on the side or just another track among many others. This is not a convention where the focus is on celebrities and autographs, nor is it an expensive writer conference where a registration can be in the hundreds of dollars. This is a convention that offers everything and more than a major writing conference offers and puts it in an environment that is welcoming, non-intimidating , accessible, and fun.

At Imaginarium, it does not matter whether you are a newer author who hasn’t been published yet or a New York Times bestseller. Imaginarium’s environment brings everyone together, of all levels on their career path, in a way that accomplishes so much…from learning, to networking, to making new friends in the business, to raising awareness of one’s work and talents. We saw all of this transpire during our first year, last September, and we know that the more who participate the more this dynamic will flourish. Writers, publishers, editors, cover artists…this IS the event for all of you.

I would love to see our Kentuckiana authors discover what this event is and what it can be for this region for years to come. While it would be wonderful if you decide to come participate in all 3 days of the events and activities, if you cannot, I’d like to ask you to consider participating in full for one day (such as Saturday, which is loaded with events, panels, workshops and activities), or even making a visit to the Imaginarium Expo which is free to the public.

Just stopping by the expo for a couple hours, and maybe picking up a book or two from the authors there, makes a real difference and adds to the overall environment. The more who participate on some level, whether full registrant, a day pass, or even a visit to the Expo, the more dynamic the environment becomes.

We have a group of dedicated individuals who have been working hard, some for many months, to build a very special event for writers this weekend and continue the progress that was made in 2014. I’d like to ask our Kentuckiana authors to really stand with us this weekend and make an event that is content-rich, accessible, welcoming, and friendly to writers of all genres everything it can be.

Please look over our site, our programming, what we have to offer, and give some thought to participating in some way this weekend, even if just a day or a visit to the Expo. You can make a difference.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,



Join us this weekend for a great time of learning, networking and book sales.

From The Hand of God to KSR: An Introduction to Tony Acree


tony acree

Kentucky Sports Radio is the largest sports blog in the country with millions of unique visitors to the site. Today, Hydra Publications owner Tony Acree is featured in an article by Josh Juckett. They met during FandomFest and discussed life, writing and the life at a comic con. You can read the article here.

Hydra Summer Bash III


summer bash banner

Hydra Publications will host the Hydra Summer Bash III with selected titles from some of Hydra’s best selling authors on sale for only 99 cents. The sale runs from August 17th until August 23.

Books from Tom Wallace, Rachael Rawlings, Stuart Thaman, Dave Creek, Tony Acree and many others offers a wide range of genres, from mystery and thrillers, to scifi and horror. Pick up your new end of summer reads today!






FandomFest 2015




This week at Fandom Fest, several of Hydra Publications most talented authors will be at the table offering up a wide variety of genres. Stu Thaman will have his terrifying physiological thriller, For We Are ManyRebekah McAuliffe will be signing her Hydra bestseller Gears of Golgotha, a steampunk grand slam, Rachael Lanham Rawlings will have her mystery, The Parrot Told Me along with her YA paranormal romance Grave Reminder series, Dave Creek will have his scifi novel Some Distant Shores along with his collection of Analog short stories, The Human Equation and I will have my bestselling Victor McCain paranormal crime noir series. A bit of something for everyone!

author bio pic Stuart-R-Thaman-150x150 IMG_9468 tony acree