Happy Holidays




We at Hydra Publications would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Festivus!    If we’ve left out any celebratory salutations, our apologies.

Thanks to everyone who bought a book this past year. When you get a new Kindle, Nook, or any the various tablets, remember Hydra novels make great holiday gifts. All our ebooks are $3.99 or less!

We have several new titles which will be out in the new year. You will get to meet talented new authors James Gillen, Jeff Provine, Samuel Miller, and Rebekah McAullife. along with new works from bestselling Hydra authors James William Peercy, Tony Acree and Rachael Rawlings.

Best wishes to each of you in the New Year!


A Haunted Hydra Halloween


Get ready for a Haunted Hydra Halloween! From Wednesday morning through midnight Halloween night, we will be offering many of our novels, some as low as 99 cents. Including titles from Tony Acree, Rachael Rawlings, Michael G. WallaceTom Wallace and Stuart Thaman. Whether you love horror, fantasy, mystery or thrillers, we have you covered.

You can find our great deals on Amazon.

Fire of Heaven EbookTheWatchers_ebook_Final ForWeAreMany_ebook_Final VODS EbookThe parrot Told me Revised II

Dearly Remembered by Rachael Rawlings


Dearly Remembered eBook High Res

Dearly Remembered, by Rachael Rawlings, is book two in the Grave Reminder series. The Amazon Kindle version goes live today.  It is the sequel to YA paranormal romance, Dearly Departed, Rachael’s debut novel. . About the book:

When Tori’s parents are tragically killed in a car accident and she is forced to move to a small Kentucky town, she feels that her life is over.
But in her new home, she discovers a series of secrets that may reveal an unknown world.

After meeting a young man with extraordinary talents, she finds herself embroiled in several mysteries, including the disappearance of a child, stolen treasure, and a hint of something supernatural.

When her home and family are threatened, she realizes solving them could be the only way to save lives, including her own.

Call for Dystopian Short Stories For New Anthology


Do you have an idea for a dystopian short story? Hydra Publications will be accepting submissions for a dystopian anthology collection. We will pay 1 cent a word, with a minimum word count of 1,000 words and a maximum of 7,500. The deadline for submissions is January 31st.

What is your take on a dystopian world? Is it a police state? Do people live in fear of an outside source? Or is it an inner source they are scared of?

The format will be 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced and in Word.doc format. Email your submissions to dystopianhydra@gmail.com

Imaginarium Recap



We had a fantastic time at Imaginarium 2014, the writers conference held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Hosted by Stephen Zimmer of Seventh Star Press, this was the first year and Stephen and his crew did a masterful job, handling any and all problems thrown their way. Including a fire alarm in during the second hour of operation.


Several Hydra authors attended the event: Tony Acree, Dave Creek, Rachael Rawlings, Stuart Thaman and Tom Wallace. They spent the weekend signing books and participating in the wide range of panels offered to attendees.

Over the course of the weekend we picked up a new editor, cover artist and signed a hot new author, Rebekah McAuliffe. IMG_1093

We were able to spend time with friends, both new and old. Other great presses at the event included Loconeal, Blackwyrm, Pro Se, Post Mortem,  Press Charon Coin Press and Per Bastet Publications. The great thing about events like Imaginarium is to meet with like minded people and learn from them what they do best, then apply it to your own small press.

Dave Mattingly, James O. Barnes, Tommy Hanckock and Jerry Benns were generous with their time and helpful with their suggestions on things we can do to continue to grow Hydra Publications.

Plans are already in the works for Imaginarium 2015, which will include Literary Awards to complement the film festival awards. Hydra Publications will once again be a sponsor for the event and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.




Hydra Publications is excited to be a sponsor of Imaginarium. 

The Imaginarium Convention is a 3-day event that combines the information and education of a literary conference with the fun of a sci-fi/fantasy convention. Featuring eleven writing tracks, workshops, gaming, a film festival, art show, and more, The Imaginarium promises an action-packed and fun-filled weekend for anyone with literary, film, or gaming aspirations.

Featuring world class guests such as Tim Waggoner, James R. Tuck, and Imaginators Maurice Broaddus and Jeffrey Reddick, the event is open to all genres, exploring all kinds of creative writing, from books to comics/graphic novels, screenplays, blogging, and much more!

This year’s Toastmistress is the incomparable Lee Martindale.

The Human Equations by Dave Creek

The Human Equation eCover High Res


In The Human Equations you will go on a voyage of discovery. From the untold story of how the great Chinese explorer Zheng He made Earth’s First Contact with aliens, to how a rescue mission on the aquatic planet Welkin forces one man to come to terms with a tragedy from his past, to why a resident of an orbital habitat must decide between his people’s traditions and his habitat’s survival, to the attempt to save a gigantic sea creature’s baby — from the inside! And more!



Dave Creek is a regular contributor to ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION AND FACT.  His books include two short story collections — A GLIMPSE OF SPLENDOR, and THE HUMAN EQUATIONS — and a novel, SOME DISTANT SHORE.
Find out more about Dave’s work at www.davecreek.net and, on Facebook at Fans of Dave Creek.
In the “real world,” Dave is a retired television news producer.
Dave lives in Louisville with his wife Dana, son Andy, a floppy-eared Corgi named Peggy, and two sleepy cats — Hedwig and Hemingway.

The Village of Dead Souls


VODS Ebook

Worry about what to do during a Zombie Apocalypse? Author and zombie expert, Michael G. Wallace, is your go to source. When PBS needed an expert, they called Michael. When ComicCon needed a moderator to host their discussion panel with the cast and crew of the Walking Dead, once again Michael G. Wallace was their pick. Now Michael has a new book, The Village of Dead Souls, hitting the shelves and we wanted to share this terrifying new trailer.